IV Scientific Session of the Institute of Gastroenterology of NAMS of Ukraine

IV Scientific Session of the Institute of Gastroenterology of NAMS of Ukraine with international participation, under the name "The newest technologies in the theoretical and clinical gastroenterology" took place on 16-17 of June, 2016.

The conference was attended by leading Ukrainian gastroenterologists, teleconference was held with the participation of prominent Swedish scientist professor Mathias Löhr.
Supervisor: Dr. of medical sciences, director of the State Institution "Institute of Gastroenterology of NAMS of Ukraine", chief specialist on gastroenterology and nutrition of NAMS of Ukraine, professor Yurii Stepanov.

Participants were greeted by the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration in the person of Professor Pavlov V.A. Chairman of the Ukrainian Gastroenterological Association, professor Babak O.Y. also welcomed everyone present on the conference.

Opening of the conference coincided with the presentation of diplomas for employees of the Institute for the fruitful work and significant contribution to the scientific community.
The conference includes 4 plenary and 2 breakout sessions.
Institute scientists present the latest achievements of scientific and research work in the study of etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of gastroenterological diseases in adults and children.
Leading scientists of Ukraine and representatives of the Institute of Gastroenterology dedicated their reports to the pathology of the pancreas, hepatobiliary system, intestine, its prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Separate breakout session was carried out, which addressed the issues of digestive diseases in children. Major part of reports was based on evidence and results of own research.
There was an open discussion on the issue of diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the colon and colorectal cancer.
Scientists of the Institute present 17 oral presentations on the latest scientific advances and 6 poster presentations (young scientists), with the results of their research in gastroenterology.
The first sectional meeting was opened by Director of the Institute, professor Yurii Stepanov with the report, "Chronic gastritis and functional dyspepsia in Kyoto Consensus in 2015 ", which reflected the main etiological factors, progressive views on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, affecting large number of people in the modern world. Problems of liver diseases have been highlighted in reports by professor V. Shipulin, who presented his views on the possibility of eradicating HCV in Ukraine; professor I. Skrypnyk, professor O.Babak, professor V.Medved’ and professor N.Dragomiretskaya have devoted their reports to diffuse diseases of the liver; professor N.Silivonchik M. (Belarus) and professor N.Virstyuk discussed problems of diagnosis and treatment of inherited liver diseases. A number of reports have been devoted to the pathology of the upper gastrointestinal canal, including functional disorders. Prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea with probiotics was discussed by professor G.Osyodlo; functional disorders of the biliary tract in patients with type II diabetes – by professor E.Serchak. Reports of professor Y.Stepanov, professor N.Gubergrits and professor B. Shevchenko were dedicated to diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities and pancreatic surgery.
A teleconference with Sweden allowed the audience to get acquainted with a lecture by professor Mathias Löhr, who introduced the modern views on the enzyme replacement therapy of pancreatitis.
A separate block in the course of discussion panel was dedicated to the problem of chronic inflammatory diseases of the colon and colorectal cancer; here the reports have been made by correspondent member of NAMS, professor M.Zakharash, professor Y.Stepanov, professor A.Dorofeev, professor Sergienko O.I., E.Simonova (Ph.D.), who highlighted in their messages diagnostic complexity, therapeutic and surgical treatment of this severe diseases. A special place in this discussion has the most modern techniques in the issue of treatment choice and indications for surgery.
At the breakout session dedicated to gastroenterological diseases in children professor A.Abaturov devoted his report to acute problem of viral diarrhea in children, its etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of the problem. Complex damage to the digestive system with mucopolysaccharidosis type 1 in children was discussed by professor Y. Stepanov. Diagnosis and treatment of Crohn's disease in childhood was discussed by professor M. Denisova; functional disorders of the digestive tract, esophageal-gastric junction, gallbladder were reviewed by professor O. Belousova, professor L.Ovcharenko, N.Zavgorodnyaya (Ph.D.).
Young scientists of the Institute have spoken in a separate section and presented their achievements in the past year.
Scientific session ended with the presentation of diplomas, certificates and prizes for the best works.
Professor Stepanov presented diplomas to the winners of the National stage of European competition BARES AWARD - 2015: Y.Breslavets, V. Boychuk, T. Kugler and honorary award for young scientists of the President of Ukraine to the Gastroenterologist Institute representative Y.Breslavets.

According to the results of the contest, young scientists were presented with certificates and cash prizes:
O.Lukyanenko - 1st place in the competition; A.Tuzko - 2nd place, G.Arzhanova, O.Galenko and S.Babii - 3rd place.
The prizes were awarded to the best poster presentations:
V.Yagmur, O.Suprunenko - 1 place; N.Chaly - 2nd place; A.Bratska, M.Podgorny, O.Galinsky, O.Murzin, A.Rudenko - 3rd place.