"Institute of gastroenterology of the National academy of medical sciences of Ukraine"

Institute is a leading scientific research institution specialized in the Gastroenterology field with a large research and clinical base, where the study of prevalence, etiology and pathogenesis of digestive system diseases is conducted, along with development of the diagnostics methods, surgical and therapeutic treatment.  Institute consists of 4 clinical departments  - department of stomach and duodenum diseases, dietetics and curative feed, department of bowels diseases, department of liver and pancreas diseases and department of digestive organs surgery. The department of pediatric gastroenterology is open since 2013.
In addition, 4 scientific laboratories - immunology and microbiology, physiopathology, pathomorphology and biochemistry are functioning.
Institute scientists carried out extensive work to create the UPO "Ukrainian Gastroenterological Association", which acts for more than 15 years/
Institute is the founder of the Specialized Scientific Council for doctoral degrees in the field of pediatrics (14.01.10), cardiology (14.01.11) and gastroenterology (14.01.36), as well as the lead agency for the approbation of theses in the field of "Gastroenterology".
Patients are hospitalized from all regions of Ukraine and other countries to the clinic of institute. If patients are hospitalized due to the regional quotas their treatment is free of charge.

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